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Data restrictions:

  • Organisations that have a G-FINDER confidentiality agreement are not identifiable by name
  • All private sector investments are anonymised and reported as aggregated data to maintain the confidentiality of these organisations

Changes in survey scope from FY2016:

  • In conjunction with our ongoing collection of emerging infectious disease (EID) R&D investment data, the latest version of our survey (FY2017) allowed participants to provide separate information on funding intended to support research applicable to both neglected diseases and EIDs, under core funding, platform technologies and other R&D. Our inclusion of this funding resulted in an expanded scope for each of these categories in FY2017. Funding for R&D targeted exclusively at EIDs continues to be excluded from G-FINDER and will soon be available on a separate platform

  • A new category, multi-disease vector control products, was created to capture funding for R&D not targeted at one specific vector-borne disease. This category includes funding for R&D applicable to more than one neglected disease, but also funding applicable to both neglected diseases and EIDs

  • The G-FINDER scope was also expanded to include R&D investments in chemical vector control products for Chagas’ disease and diagnostics for tapeworm; and the chemical vector control product category now explicitly includes funding of novel insecticide-based tools for controlling outdoor transmission, provided they are designed for use in developing countries


Notes on data:

  • Neglected diseases and products covered by G-FINDER are listed here

  • All funding data has been adjusted for inflation, and is reported in 2017 US dollars (US$)

  • Any minor discrepancies between the public search tool data and figures published in the annual G-FINDER reports reflect corrections made to the data after report publication

  • Funding data for Ebola and other African VHFs for financial years 2014 and 2015 are no longer available on this platform. This data, along with the EID data collected in financial years 2016 and 2017, will soon be available on a separate platform. Contact us at g-finder@policycuresresearch.org with any data requests.