G-FIND Tracking Module

Public Search Tool



The G-FINDER public search tool provides open access to all of the underlying data behind the annual G-FINDER reports; as in these reports, any data that is protected by confidentiality agreements has been anonymised. The tool allows you to download the entire dataset, or to easily create custom searches using the drop down menus. Your search results will be provided in an onscreen readout, as well as being available for download in Microsoft Excel format to support flexible analysis.


Neglected disease funding data is available for financial years 2007-2015. Funding data on reproductive health product R&D specific to the developing world is available for financial year 2013. For more information about the reproductive health data, please refer to the reproductive health section of the frequently asked questions.


For more information regarding the survey, please refer to the frequently asked questions, glossary, neglected disease survey methodology, and the reproductive health survey methodology.


The G-FINDER project was developed and conducted from 2007-2016 by Policy Cures. From 2016 onwards, it is being conducted by Policy Cures Research. The project is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.