G-FINDER Survey Tutorial

1. Before you start

display of log-in information and contact helpdesk if problems hyperlinked to the contact us page

tips and information on accessing new data Continuing grants: If you have grants from previous years that are ongoing (‘continuing grants’) you can select, edit and upload these once you begin the survey. Multiple financial tables: If you have multiple financial tables, before starting data entry, group your data to match your financial tables (e.g. grants for funds disbursed, grants for funds received collated together). It is easiest to enter one financial table at a time. For example, if you both give and receive funds, divide your data into these two categories. Sort grants by disease (focus area): It will make it much quicker to enter data if you have sorted your data at grant level by disease (focus area) with all products for that disease so that you do not need to swap between categories.


2. No data to report this year

display to select no data to report which appears in a separate button, noting that organisations should only select this if certain that there is no data to report. If unsure, contact the helpdesk.


3. Select survey


displays the financial tables to show that if you have a previous grant that can be re-used if in the scope and continuing for the next financial year.


4. Financial table(s)


If you're a PDP or intermediary, the first financial table you see will be a table to record the funding you received from others. You will now need to go through the 3-step process to enter grants you received. If your organisation also gives funding to other organisations and/or incurs internal R& D expenses (e.g. staff directly involved in R&D projects, or internal product development facilities), you will also need to enter data in the relevant tables


5. Continuing grants from the previous year


displays information for continuing grants including options for upload.


6. Continuing grants: Editing


displays information for continuing grants including options for upload Editing the grants that you want to include this year (if you want them to be changed or updated) can be done by selecting grants with the ‘Edit’ button. You can edit multiple grants at a time. Only grants that match the G-FINDER scope can be selected.


7. Continuing grants: Uploading




8. Adding a new organisation

displays information on adding organisations


9. Check your data

screenshot of check my data tab


10. Completing the survey (one financial table)

How to submit your data when you only have one table


11. Completing the survey (multiple financial tables)

 Some organisations will have more than one R&D role: for instance, they may not only provide but also receive funding, and will therefore need to complete more than one financial table. When you've finished entering ALL data for your first table, you can move to your next financial table Click the 'Continue to next table' button at the bottom of your screen, complete each financial table one at a time


12. Troubleshooting

if you receive an error message, you may need to change internet settings, by clicking on internet explorer, tools, security and then select a zone, with custom level miscellaneous, allow it to enable display mixed content


13. Example: Entering new financial data for neglected disease R&D

Select the disease in Step 1, then press the continue button

Select the product in Step 2, then press the continue button

Select the R&D stage in Step 3, then press the continue button

Enter the details of your grant, including recipient organisation, description, amount and press the save button

Use the New entry (same selection) button to enter another grant with the same disease, product and R&apm;D stage

Use the Edit button to change grant details. Use the Change Description button to change the disease/issue, product, or R&D area

Only submit the survey when you have no more data to enter, in any of the financial tables (or survey topics) because once submitted, you are unable to re-enter the survey